“It’s the People’s Time!”


1st District Savannah City Council 2019

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Vote for me on November 5, 2019 and "Together We Can Make the 1st District 1st!”

  • Economic Development with Livable Wage Jobs
  • Smart Growth & Development with Affordable Housing
  •  Introducing a Citizen-Driven, Community Benefits Strategy
  •  Intentional Plan to Build Wealth in Low-Wealth Communities



"Together We Can Make the 1st District 1st!”


“I am, and have been for decades, an advocate for residents of Savannah. The 1st District is experiencing unprecedented growth and development. I’m committed to ensuring citizens benefit by implementing smart growth. We must be intentional in structuring policies that create more resilient communities. We need to strike a more equitable balance between citizens and Savannah’s vibrant business landscape. I have a vision encompassing the Lowlands and the Highlands. I plan to initiate a Community Benefits Strategy which is a better way to engage citizens in government. I have a plan to build up low-wealth communities. I have a plan to create opportunities for young people. It’s time. It’s the people’s time!”


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